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HPP Swim Team – Volunteer Positions

A successful swim season relies on the generosity of the time and efforts of our parent volunteers. It takes between 45-60 parents to organize, time, officiate, score, set up, and clean up after each swim meet, depending on the type of meet and number of swimmers participating. That's a lot of a parents! And if we all pitch in, everyone wins!

We request that each family volunteer for a minimum of five (5) meets. There are two types of positions — NVSL Required Positions and Team Specific Positions — all described below. Volunteer sign up for meets is available on the Event Sign-Up page. Don’t be intimidated by signing up as most jobs do not require previous experience or training. Most parents find volunteering to be extremely rewarding … or at the very least, it helps make the meets go by quickly!

NVSL Required Positions

The NVSL required roles are described below and include a link to the detailed documentation found on the NVSL website. Roles with an asterisk (*) require prior experience and/or training offered by the NVSL prior to the start of the season. Clinic information will be posted soon.

All volunteers fulfilling NVSL required positions are asked to comply with the NVSL dress code and wear dark Blue/Navy shorts (no jeans) and white shirt (NO team logos on of any kind) for all NVSL sanctioned meets.

Announcer (Home Meets Only)

  • Lead Announcer (1 per season)
  • Backup Announcer (1 per season)

The Announcer broadcasts each event, the swimmers, and the results. The Announcer takes care of set up and breakdown of the sound equipment for each meet.The Announcer, along with the Referee, is responsible for keeping the meet moving in a steady fashion.

Clerk of Course (2-3 per Meet)

  • A Meet Clerk of Course 1 (1 per season)
  • A Meet Assistant Clerk of Course (1 per season)
  • B Meet Clerk of Course 1 (1 per season)
  • B Meet Assistant Clerk of Course (weekly sign-up)

The Clerk of Course functions as the “gatekeeper” for all swimmers in our meets. The Clerks of Course organize swimmers in the holding area and gets them to the right lanes for the correct race. Two (2) are provided by the hosting team with two (2) provided by the visiting team. For the larger Home B Meets, we recruit an additional Assistant Clerk of Course.

Marshal (2 Marshals per meet/per shift) (weekly sign-up)

Marshals maintain order and ensure safety during warm-ups and throughout the meet.They are stationed strategically around the pool deck and are responsible for crowd control, safety in and out of the pool and managing pool deck traffic. Two (2) are provided by the hosting team and two (2) assistants are provided by the visiting team. These roles are generally broken up into 2 shifts.

* Referee - Home Meets Only (1 per season)

The Referee is the chief official for each swim meet. He/she is responsible for the conduct of the meets and is the final authority on the interpretation and enforcement of all swimming rules.

Relay Touch/Take-Off (RTO) Judges (weekly sign-up)

  • Relay/Take-off Judge 1
  • Relay/Take-off Judge 2
  • Relay/Take-off Judge 3
  • Relay/Take-off Judge 4

During relays, there are four (4) Relay/Take-off Judges at each end of the pool (two per lane) provided by each team for a total of eight (8) at each meet. Their job is to ensure that each swimmer touches the wall before the next swimmer in the relay leaves the deck. The Relay/Take-off Judges are only needed for A Meets and Relay Carnivals and usually work as a timer during the individual events.

*Starter - Home Meets Only

  • Lead Starter (1 per season)
  • Backup Starter (1 per season)

The Starter is responsible for ensuring that all swimmers are given a fair and equitable start. At the Referee’s signal, the Starter instructs the swimmers to “take your mark” and starts the race using the electron starting system.

*Stroke and Turn Judges (weekly sign-up)

  • Stroke and Turn Judge 1
  • Stroke and Turn Judge 2
  • Stroke and Turn Judge 3
  • Stroke and Turn Judge 4

The Stroke and Turn Judges are responsible for ensuring that all swimmers obey all the rules for the stroke that they are swimming once the race has started. Stroke and Turn judges are stationed at each end of the pool. If a Stroke and Turn Judge sees a violation of the rules, he/she raises his/her hand to signify that an infraction has occurred, records the disqualification (DQ) on a DQ slip, and presents it to the Referee for review. Stroke and Turn Judges must be impartial and fair to all swimmers. We need two (2) Stroke and Turn Judges for A Meets, and four (4) Stroke and Turn Judges for B Meets, split into two shifts.

Table Administration

  • Place Recorder (Away Meets)/Assistant Place Recorder (Home Meets) (2-3 per season, but only 1 person needed per meet)
  • Data Entry (1 per season)
  • Verifier (Chief Table Worker) (1 per season)
  • Award Clerk — A Meets (1 per season)
  • Award Clerk  B Meets (1 person)

Place Recorder/Assistant Place Recorder resolves time card discrepancies with the Chief Timer or the Referee; records disqualifications (DQ’s) when received from the Referee; determines the order of finish and writes it on the time cards; and checks for NVSL Records and marks the time card appropriately.

*Data Entry person records the appropriate information from the time cards and any attached disqualifications slips for each swimmer, generates award backing labels and produces the OFFICIAL Results Report of the meet.

Lead/Verifier receives a copy of the printed results after every one or two events and checks that swimmers names, times [if not disqualified], places or disqualification status and teams are correct according to what is on the time cards and attached DQ slips. Also notes any new League and Team records on the printed Verification sheet for the Announcer’s use.

Awards Clerk selects the appropriate ribbons, plaques, etc. and attaches the correct labels.

*Chief Timer and Assistant Chief Timer

  • A Meet Chief Timer (1 per season)
  • B Meet Chief Timer (1 per season)

The Chief Timer and Assistant Chief Timer collects the time cards from the timers, reviews them for accuracy and completeness, and forwards them to the table workers. The Chief is provided by the hosting team; the Assistant provided by the visiting team. They are responsible for giving commands to “clear watches,” signaling to the Referee that Timers are ready for the next event and starts 2 watches in case a lane timer’s watch fails to start.

Timers (9 per meet/per team) (weekly sign-up)

If you can start and stop a stopwatch, you can be a Timer. We even provide the stopwatch. Timers start their watches on the strobe light from the starting system and stop their watches when the swimmer touches the wall. Each team is responsible for providing nine (9) timers for a meet (3 timers needed per lane for a total of 18). The Blue & Purple Meet and the Lollipop Meet both require 18 HPP timers!

Team Specific Positions

Activities Coordinator (1 per season)

The Activities Coordinator organizes team events beginning with the Pasta Potluck at the start of the season, as well as the End of Season Banquet.This person also arranges for team outings such as the NVSL Kings Dominion Day trip, Nationals game, and other events as desired.

Concessions Volunteers - Home Meets Only

  • Lead Concessions Coordinator (1 per season)
  • Concessions Buyer (1 per season)
  • Grill Master (weekly sign-up)
  • Concession Workers (weekly sign-up)
  • Ice (weekly sign-up)
  • Baked Goods (weekly sign-up)

Concessions are sold by the hosting team. The number of Concession Volunteers needed depends on the type and size of the meet.

The Concessions Buyer purchases the food and supplies, such as paper products, and delivers everything to the pool in time for setting up the concession stand. The Lead Concessions Coordinator oversees the concession stand on the day of the meet and provides direction, ensures proper handling of food, and is responsible for the cash box. The Concessions Buyer and Lead Concessions Coordinator may be the same person.

There are two shifts per meet for the Grill Masters and Concession Workers, with the first shift arriving early to help set up and the second shift breaking down the snack bar and helping with clean up.

Parent Happy Hour Coordinator (1 per season)

This person plans the Parent Happy Hours, typically by identifying other parent volunteers to help with drinks, games, and other activities.He/she may also coordinate with coaches on themes and activities for Pep Rallies.

Parking Lot Attendants (weekly sign-up)

Our parking lot is small and we want to ensure our visiting team guests feel welcome. Parking Guides designate the HPP lot for visiting team only and direct traffic into optimal rows to ensure maximum use of the lot.

Progressive Dinner Coordinator (1 per season)

Organizes the annual Progressive Dinner for swimmers ages 13+.

Runner (weekly sign-up)

The Runner carries the timecards from the timers to the table workers after each heat.

Swim Team Awards Coordinator (1 per season)

This person organizes the end-of-season awards for all swimmers and ensures delivery at the annual banquet.

Swim Team Yearbook Coordinator (1 per season)

Creates the yearbook and distributes it at the annual banquet.

Team Photographer(s)

This role serves as the “official” team photographer and takes pictures of swimmers during swim meets, pep rallies and other team events. He/she takes the team picture on the scheduled day and posts pictures weekly on a team photo site. This position can be shared among multiple volunteers.

Volunteer Coordinator (1 per season)

Ensures that all Volunteer positions are filled for each meet.

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